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Valid Question: What Does a Nutritionist Do?

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There are plenty of resources available if you want to learn how to crush a workout. But sometimes you need a boost of motivation, or a little extra attention, so you hire a personal trainer. A nutritionist is like a personal trainer – for your diet! Can you exercise without a trainer? Totally. Can you upgrade your meals on your own? Definitely. As someone who is diving head-first into the food as medicine field, I can tell you that there is SO MUCH information out there that it can be overwhelming. A lot of it is conflicting. And just about anyone can claim to be a ‘wellness guru.’ So instead of spinning your wheels, working with a nutritionist one-on-one  may be the way to go!

A lot of us only go to the doctor when we’re sick. Even if you are proactive and visit the doc for a yearly check up, I’m going to take an educated guess and say you don’t spend much (if any) time talking about your diet. You might fib about how many alcoholic drinks you have on the regular, but there’s not much chit chat about how many greens you’re eating. Your doc isn’t the best person to chat about nutrition specifics anyway. Medical students only get about 20 hours of nutrition education in their four years of med school – what the what?! Sometimes we visit a specialist for a deep dive into a subject our primary care physician only has general knowledge of. That’s cool. That’s what specialists are for! And instead of competing against each other, all of these specialists we see – even the dentist, opthamologist, or chiropractor – all work together to make sure we get the best care possible.

Every nutritionist has their own unique scope of practice. What’s important to know that they doesn’t diagnose, they offer recommendations. A nutritionist diagnosing someone with a condition or illness would be considered practicing medicine without a license and I for sure don’t have time to go to jail for that ish. Nutrition professionals offer education and advice on healthy eating and how to incorporate it into your every day. When seeking an expert in your area (or online!) look for someone who has a certification – then you know they are legit!

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