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This Sweet + Spicy Secret Weapon Adds Flavor to Any Meal

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One of my favorite food bloggers included a Peppadew pepper in a cauliflower recipe and I was like, what in the world? I wanted to make the recipe but couldn’t find those dang peppers. (I’ve made it many, many times with and without the peppers. It’s insanely easy and delicious!) I finally found Peppadews at a grocery store in Point Loma, Jensen’s. They were de-seeded for the most part and pre-packaged in a brine. They’re a little sweet, a little spicy, and now I’m totally obsessed with them.

Learning more about Peppadews is not an easy feat. They aren’t exactly trendy, but I’m finding them being used more frequently. I’ve had them on pizzas and Venissmo Cheese stuffs them with goat cheese. One time I called Venissimo in Liberty Station and had them put a package of the stuffed peppers on hold for me because I am a crazy person. When I went to pick them up, apparently five or six people came by requesting them: so maybe I’m not so crazy! Recently I’ve been able to find them at the pepper / olive bar at Whole Foods, and lucky for me but unlucky for my bank account, my local market just two blocks away started carrying them.

Peppadew pepper is actually a trademarked name. They are derived from the Piquanté plant grown in South Africa. Someone found them growing near his house in 1994 and took them to some botanists who said ‘yeah dude, this is brand new.’ I’m paraphrasing here. I tried hunting down nutritional info in my textbooks but wasn’t able to find the piquante pepper specifically. After that I was all over Google Scholar trying to find some factual background info. Then I realized since it’s trademarked, I could go to! Have you tried the Peppadew? If you love them and want to go totally HAM, you can buy 12 jars for $50 on their website. I’ve used Peppadews in egg scrambles, veggie bowls, salads, you name it! They’re a bit on the pricey side, but the trade off is there’s really no prep work required. If you’re looking for something to spice up your meals, I definitely recommend giving these bad boys a try!

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