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The Absolute Easiest Way to Eat Healthier

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Do you ever click on those articles titled ’40 Simple Snacks’ or ’25 One Pot Dinners,’ and by the end of scrolling through half-heartedly you’re like….wtf did that say again? Those are called listicles (get it, a big giant list) and while their intentions are good, sometimes there is just too much info in one article. Personally, I retain very little of those pieces. That’s why I’m going to give you just one crazy easy way to eat healthier.

Late last year I wrote this post about creating healthy habits. (I just re-read it and it’s riddled with spelling errors, my apologies.) This was way back when we were all looking forward to 2020, before we discovered what the universe had in store for us was actually a f*&$ing dumpster fire. Anywho, that post recounts that according to writer James Clear, in order to create and stick to a habit you need to make it obvious, and make it attractive.

My favorite way to make eating healthier obvious and attractive is by placing fruits and vegetables right where I can see them! If you’re like me, you tend to stash apples, kale, carrots and more in your refrigerator’s fruit and vegetable drawer. It’s not that you never open that drawer, but don’t you reach for food on the open shelves first? So, spend some time rearranging. It sounds pretty boring, but it won’t take that long. (Side note, this is a great task to do when it’s hot AF outside.)

First things first: give your fridge a deep clean. Again, this shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Put on a podcast and get scrubbing. Now on to organizing. Lately I’ve been storing cans of seltzer and similar in the fruit and veggie drawers. Controversial, right? This frees up space for the open shelves. But we aren’t just going to toss our food in plastic grocery baggies at random. I like to chop, slice, and dice what I can so I don’t have to do it later, and store the goods in clear containers. You can also put a pretty bowl right in the fridge for things like apples and grapes. Now you’ve got a clean fridge with produce you can see. You’ve made nutritious foods obvious and attractive.

You can apply this theory to your pantry, too. Mason jars may seem basic betch (is that still a thing we are saying?), but they work. I love storing lentils, nuts, seeds, and coconut flakes in them. How about using a tiered space rack to display your favorite teas? It’s much nicer to look at then a bunch of random boxes. See, we didn’t need a crazy long list of ways to make eating healthy easier. Let me know if this works for you!

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