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Stellar Leo Season Snacks

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Anyone born in late July or early August can confirm: being a Leo is equal parts creativity and laziness. So it’s no surprise that our eating habits follow suit. The energy around this fire sign is work hard, rest hard. What follows are a few funky twists on insanely easy snacks, when you want something exciting to munch on but want to put forth little to no effort. Cue up some trashy reality tv, throw on your favorite overpriced loungewear, and whip up these treats in just a few minutes.

Bright Beet Hummus

Hummus is the greatest culinary invention on earth: come at me. All you need is a few staple foods and if you’re missing an ingredient, there’s always an easy workaround. Traditionally, you would use chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, cumin, and olive oil. Don’t have chickpeas? Use edamame, navy beans, whatevs. Don’t like garlic? Just omit it. A great way to add extra punch to this already delicious dip is to add beets. If you like the taste of beets, congrats. You can throw in pre-cut, steamed and peeled beets into your blender. The secret to the ultimate lazy Leo hack: beet powder. Start with half a teaspoon for some color, more if you really want to increase the beet flavor.

Ocean-Inspired Chia Seed Pudding

One of my favorite San Diego restaurants Little Lion has a chia seed pudding on their breakfast menu called the Turquoise Bowl. This dish is a pretty blue-green color thanks to the addition of Spirulina, available in powder and liquid form. While eating algae doesn’t sound appetizing, it’s one of the most mineral-rich, protein-packed, energy-inducing plants around. And a little goes a long way! Add a few drops or half a teaspoon to your chia seed pudding – two tablespoons of chia seeds and five tablespoons of your favorite milk is typically a good ratio. It shouldn’t taste like seaweed, but if you’re afraid of the flavor just incorporate some coconut milk or vanilla extract in the mix. Adding berries or grapefruit slices is a great way to finish off this colorful treat that’s full of healthy fats.

PB&C Dates

If you thought dates were best enjoyed stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon, you’re wrong. These naturally sweet treats contain fiber and minerals that are needed for healthy bones – who knew? They are great as a quick pre-workout snack, or at night when you’re jonesing for something sugary. Cut open a date, lose the pit, add your favorite nut butter and top with dark chocolate. This process should take about 30 seconds but leave you satisfied for much, much longer. If you want to get really fancy you can melt chocolate with coconut oil and dunk your dates in chocolate, then freeze them for easy access desserts.

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