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Smoothie Bowl, But Make It Cute.

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This magenta meal was born out of the desire to mask a disgusting, chalky, albeit liver-cleansing powder that I was instructed to consume. (By an accredited holistic health professional, not like, Instagram.)  The ‘natural chocolate flavor’ label on the packaging felt more like a suggestion than a factual statement. Sure, the jar said ‘natural chocolate flavor’ but it had its fingers crossed behind its back. So after multiple attempts to mix it in oatmeal, blend in pancake mix, and drink it straight up with water, I needed a new solution.

Luckily I had a few bags of frozen goods on hand that did the trick. Throw a few good-for-you ingredients in a blender and soon you’ll have a fun, cheery treat that will also make you want to watch something happy and upbeat…Legally Blonde maybe?!

This concoction starts with a few frozen coconut cubes. We’re going for a thick, spoonable bowl here, not a sippable drink so we need something hearty. Next up, some flaxseed meal. The more nutrient-dense option would be to buy actual flax seeds and grind them yourself, but if you have this in your fridge than go ahead and use it. Like anything that is considered good for you, some is better than none. What kinds of seeds are hiding on your shelves? I always keep chia seeds on hand in the fridge, so I added about a tablespoon of those bad boys here for fat and fiber. How’s your milk game? Recently I’ve been buying Ripple milk, made from peas! I’m cutting back on dairy and this plant-based milk alternative is also nut, soy, GMO, and gluten-free with very few ingredients. We can get down with that! I eyeballed these portions – let’s go with about 1 cup of your favorite milk.

So what is the secret ingredient that makes this bowl so perfectly pink? It’s not dragonfruit…it’s beets! Stick with me here, I know that beets in a smoothie may sound gross. But since we’re using frozen beets instead of steamed, the bowl doesn’t end up tasting very….beety? In fact I couldn’t taste the beets at all. The coconut cubes overpower pretty much anything else you mix them with. Using beets instead of fruit also means the final product doesn’t taste too sugary-sweet. And, we’re getting some really amazing benefits from the beets: they support our body’s natural detoxification pathways, they help cleanse and purify the blood – which also helps out our liver, they are full of antioxidants and they are anti-inflammatory. A little goes a long way, as far as the color is concerned. I only added about ¼ cup of frozen beets.

If you’re a protein powder person, add a scoop to top off. The coconut/beet combo worked perfectly – hiding that chocolate taste from my powder was successful! What else could we sneak in here? I’ve added spinach, hemp seeds, a little coconut milk to other bowls – really anything you have on hand will work! Since the smoothie itself is low on sugar, we can add fresh fruit and granola to top it off. Now that’s a brightly-colored bowl that Elle Woods would approve of. 

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