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San Diego People You Should Know: Chef Joann

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Sometime last year a friend of mine waltzed into work and was raving about an event she attended the previous night. A brewery hosted a private beer pairing dinner with a three course meal from Chef Joann. “You need to find her on Facebook right now! She was amazing!” One look at her Facebook page revealed three things: 1) her food looks incredible 2) her hair color is memorizing and 3) Chef Joann is a hustler.

Not only is Joann Stabile the executive chef of her own catering company, but she also founded and runs the healthy meal delivery service Prepared With Purpose. Prepared With Purpose (or PWP for short) is Paleo approved, Whole30 approved, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Grain-Free and strives to deliver unique meals using organic, local resources. In glass containers. Come ON! After devouring the PWP website and the drool-worthy, nutrient-dense weekly menu, I knew I had to chat with Chef Joann herself and spread the word about this Renaissance woman!

Alexa Brynne: What first sparked your interest in cooking?
Chef Joann: My father loved to cook and it always interested me from a really young age. I remember learning how to cook eggs and pasta at an elementary school age. I spent a summer when I was 12 trying to perfect a marinara sauce recipe!
AB: Did you work in a restaurant kitchen or similar before starting your own catering company?
CJ: Yep! I worked in cafes and restaurants as a teenager and while I was in culinary school I worked for a few other catering companies.
AB: I love the approach and philosophy of your custom meal delivery service company, Prepared With Purpose. What was the inspiration for this business?
CJ: I was working as a private chef for a couple that shared their meals with their friends. I would cook at my clients home and then drop off half of the food to their friends house after. Slowly more and more of their friends wanted in and so I created a flat weekly price and started PWP! 
AB: The weekly menu for Prepared With Purpose always looks ridiculously good!!! How do you continue to create new and exciting (and healthy) dishes for your clients?
CJ: We get a lot of inspiration from our staff as well as always trying to find ways to modify our favorite naughty foods. I also travel frequently and am constantly inspired by being with other cultures in other countries. 
AB: As an entrepreneur with two companies, it sounds like you’re constantly on the move. Can you share a favorite snack or on-the-go meal that helps you get through your day?
CJ: Indeed I am! I eat our meals from pwp every week and I also love stopping into tender greens for lunch a coupe times a week. For a truly “on the go” snack, I love RX bars and Epic Bars.
AB: Any advice for those looking to clean up their diet, or experiment with eliminating gluten or dairy?
CJ: Do it 100% of the way for at least 30 days to see the true results. I have yet to meet someone that gave up gluten for a month that said they didn’t feel great afterwards. Even if you don’t have an “allergy” in the sense that it causes you physical pain, I guarantee you will feel lighter, happier and have more energy. Gluten causes extreme lethargy in most people. 
AB: Last question – are you available for cooking classes? I want to learn how to make your green chile pork burgers with plantain rice!
CJ: Yes! We definitely do cooking classes. I suggest getting a group of friends together to split the cost and make it a party.
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