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Podcasts to Distract You From the Sunday Scaries

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That mix of mild depression and anxiety is inevitable at the end of a weekend – even on holidays when you get an extra day or two off! My coworkers and I call this the Sunday Scaries. I’m a HUGE fan of podcasts as they are educational and efficient. Podcasts serve as a great distraction while you clean your apartment / do your laundry / pack lunches for the week / walk your dog / you see where I’m going with this.  It’s hard to think about going back to work the next day when you’re thoroughly enjoying someone else’s story. Here are a few of my favorite interview-style shows that fall into the health and wellness category.

How I Built This

My fiancé started listening to this series from NPR recently and now I’m OBSESSED with it! It features a number of power players in the health food industry like Bob Moore of Bob’s Red Mill, LÄRABAR founder Lara Merriken, and the founders of Stonyfield Yogurt. Host Guy Raz interviews entrepreneurs in the food, fashion, tech industry, among many others. Each episode is around 45 minutes and each guest has such a crazy story!

Party In My Plants

Health coach Talia Pollock is like the Jimmy Fallon of podcasting. She’s super perky and excited about everyone and everything. Her guests run the gamut of nutrition experts to food bloggers, authors, food product founders, and more. Talia’s not one to shy away from a good pun and she’ll definitely get you excited about eating plants.

One Part Podcast

Jessica Murnane has the most relaxing voice – I feel instantly calmer when I start listening to an episode of One Part Podcast! Many of her guests specialize in a specific condition like Alzheimer’s and PCOS. This podcast began in 2014, so there’s plenty of content to catch up on.

Almost 30 Podcast

Hosts Krista and Lindsey are laid-back, uncensored chicks that you feel like you’ve known forever. If you’re into ‘woo-woo’ stuff like crystals, shamans and the like, this one’s for you.  I’ve listened to some older episodes, like Brooke Rewa from Renew Juicery and personal trainer Danielle Pascente, several times.

You can find more of my fav podcasts, websites, books and more on my treats page. Have fun fighting the Sunday Scaries, friends!

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