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Here’s Some Cool Stuff from May!

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Lots of travel last month!

First I found an excuse to visit Thistle, one of my fav stores in OB. I was buying a bouquet of flowers for a friend and took a few pics while I waited.

We had some friends over for Cinco De Mayo and grilled. Noms!

The first trip of the month was a drive up to Huntington Beach for a work conference. We stayed at the Hyatt – swanky! This year I discovered that their on-site restaurant Watertable has an AMAZING breakfast! Lunch, not so great. Go for breakfast. My friend and I sat at the bar, which has its own breakfast menu. This was the green pudding pot; basically a green smoothie with chia seed pudding and fruit. I would recreate it if I wasn’t lazy. The avocado toast was also fantastic, they added kale pesto on top. Totally putting that into rotation.

There were a few fun outings planned for this conference. We took clients to the Magic Castle in LA.

And Nobu for dinner another night.

Might have snuck away to get a blowout at one point. Good decision. This place was called The Blow Down. They did a great job! I would go back.

The last morning of the conference, I woke up early and took a walk by the beach.

Just a few blocks from the Hyatt is a little shopping center called Pacific City. I finally tried Philz Coffee and did some window shopping.

The PERFECT snack from Philz Coffee. Wasn’t hungry enough for breakfast but needed something to tide me over. Protein, healthy fat, something green? I’m into it.

The next trip was to Norfolk, VA! My coworker and I got stuck in the airport in Baltimore for abooout 7 hours due to inclement weather. We did get massages though which was an excellent way to pass the time. If you see any of the Be Relax places at an airport, go and sit in their chairs. They massage your calves. DO IT!

All of our Uber drivers in Norfolk were insanely nice. The girl that drove us to this bar in Portsmouth, Still, had never been on a plane and I was trying to convince her to go to California. Still is kind of under the radar; my coworker and I thought it was shut down because we couldn’t find the entrance, but then we did and we had wine and it was great.

My fianceé and I went to my parents house for Mother’s Day. These are the newest additions to the farm, Summer and Skye. They are SO CUTE and act just like dogs. They had to put up some chicken wire around the fence because the goats were crawling under it and hanging out by the pool.

DONKEY! He’s lovable.

Toward the end of the month, I had the most chill Bachelorette party ever. We stayed in town and my almost sisters-in-law, instead of getting me a tiara or a sash, bought me sneakers because they know me so well.

To wrap up the month, we bought a new living room rug! Thank you Memorial Day sales. West Elm has taken over our apartment. It took us a few years, but it looks like adults live here now!

I hope you had a great May!

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