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Here’s Some Cool Stuff from June!

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How is it July already?! I hope you’re having a leisurely weekend and are getting pumped up for a four-day work week. I had a mimosa this morning and have been going at a snail’s pace all day and I’m okay with it.

One Saturday we drove up to North County, I hung out on the beach and watched Wolfe surf, and we went to breakfast. He introduced me to Nectarine Grove – it was fantastic!!! He had the breakfast tacos, and I had the Farmer’s Market Scramble.

It was the perfect mix of protein, carbs, fat, and fiber. It seriously kept me full for HOURS.

After breakfast we drove up to Julian for an overnight getaway! We had stayed at the Julian Gold Rush Hotel a few years ago and really enjoyed our stay. My only complaint was that the beds are teeeeny tiny but this was built in the 1890’s so what are you gonna do?

I see a face in this phone.

Of course we had to eat PIE! There were insane lines at Julian Pie Company and Mom’s – so we went to Apple Alley Bakery which was just as tasty!

Stopping at the Blue Door Winery was also a must. Partially because we had already been in every shop on the main street and but mostly because it’s delicious. I didn’t realize they had a location on Morena Blvd, so I’m excited to check that out!

There was a big conference for work at the convention center downtown. I had never had a reason to walk in before, so that was kind of neat. Pretty baller light upstairs here.

Wolfe and I met some friends downtown again to go to Wonderspaces!

To be honest I was a little skeptical because it had been hyped up SO MUCH but it was pretty cool. Although I’m not into VR  (too dizzy!!!) so I opted out of this “Dinner Party” real quick.

We drove up to my parents house for Father’s Day. I wish I could take Donkey to hospitals and big companies to act as a therapy animal. He is soooo sweet and calming. He loves being scratched in his ears – he can’t reach there!

My mom made tacos for lunch and I loved how colorful the toppings were!

We had not been to the zoo in a while – one of my favorite places! We have zoo passes and they are the BEST. Anytime we want to just hang out outside or kill an hour or two we stop by.

The options for healthy food at the zoo are definitely limited. I did some research on this visit and am going to do a post about it soon!

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