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Finding the Jamie Foxx of Your Pantry

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When I hear the name Jamie Foxx, I think Actor. My mind goes to Django, Collateral, and his character that IMDB abbreviates as ‘MF Jones’ in Horrible Bosses 2. But the other day the song ‘Blame It’ came on the radio and I was like “oooooh, yeah! Jamie Foxx was a singer for a minute!” According to the good ol’ internet, he’s released five albums. FIVE. ‘Blame It’ on the ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-alcohol came out in 2009 which also blew my mind. Don’t you feel old?

My point is, I automatically think of Jamie Foxx as having just one profession. But he’s actually multifaceted, just like a lot of foods in your kitchen! Too much of a stretch? Okay, hear me out. Earlier this summer I signed up for Imperfect Produce, and was having a hard time using all of the vegetables that were delivered before they went bad. My first instinct was to chop and freeze extra veggies. But I like to sauté vegetables and they just don’t taste the same being cooked from frozen, IMO. Since I’ve also been on a major smoothie kick I had another “oooooh, yeah!” lightbulb moment, and realized I could dump pretty much ANY veggie in a smoothie, and they’re even better frozen. It’s the only way I’ll consume zucchini. Don’t feel guilty if you haven’t hopped on the zucchini noodle train…I haven’t because a) no, they don’t have the same consistency of wheat noodles and b) they taste revolting. But throw some frozen zucc’ in a smoothie and it will be totally dominated by any fruit you add in.

So, I encourage you to find your zucchini – or Jamie Foxx, if you will. But first, a brief history of unconventional ingredients. I was first introduced to this concept by Jessica Seinfeld through her cookbook ‘Deceptively Delicious’ in 2008. In order to get her kids to eat veggies, her hack was to puree the shit out of them, and whisk into a meal that they already enjoyed. Was she the first person to invent this concept? No, but she’s one person who made it mainstream. When Pinterest launched in 2010, everyone and their mother got hooked on avocado brownies, black bean brownies, chickpea brownies…we really went brownie crazy in 2010. (P.S. I just searched for ‘healthy brownies’ on Pinterest and found a recipe for “The Best Zucchini Brownies You’ll Ever Eat. What can’t zucchini do?! I could say the same for J Foxx.) Lately the trend has been to add ‘wellness’ powder to…everything. So luckily for us, finding new ways to use routine ingredients is easy. Do you need fancy powders and potions? Heck no! You’ve got goodies tucked away in your pantry, waiting to be used in fun and unexpected ways…all it takes is a little brainstorming. So add squash to your egg scramble! Cook your quinoa with coconut milk! Stir leftover sweet potato into baked goods! I’m about to try a few of the recipes linked below.

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