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Celebs Spill Nutrition Secrets in This Addicting Men’s Health Series

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MTV really killed it in the early 2000’s. Remember that Diary show? And Making the Video? But I think its safe to say that the most memorable all of all was MTV Cribs. There over 180 episodes of Cribs, and while everyone on the show loved showing off their ‘whips’ and ‘where the magic happens,’ they often showed us what was in their fridge. While Cribs has been gone for a while, Men’s Health recently debuted a video series to help fill that void.

Gym & Fridge shows off…you guessed it….the gyms and refrigerators of actors, singers, and professional athletes. They profile some pretty serious fitness buffs, like Tom Brady and Arnold Schwarzenegger! Most videos clock in at around 8 minutes and pack a ton of info in a short amount of time. You’ll see a lot of repeats in these fridge tours, but that’s what I love most about this series! Nearly every one of them is filled with leafy greens, berries, and almond milk. Califia Farms almond milk in particular is always front and center in these (typically) neat and tidy fridges. Leading me to wonder a) who actually keeps their fridge this organized and b) is this series sponsored by Califia Farms?! Either way, it’s great inspo for your next grocery run.

Start with: the Arnold episode. LOVE his philosophy about supplements!

Odd interview: Diplo, who was admittedly still buzzed from the night before filming.

Wackiest Food Pairing: Jason Derulo, who sometimes opts to mix vodka and Muscle Milk.

I have no idea how these popped up in my suggested YouTube feed, but I’m glad they did! Do you love them as much as I do?

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