Hi! I’m Alexa, a writer and certified nutrition consultant.

Hey, hi, hello! I’m Alexa, middle name Brynne. I’m a 32 year old girl…lady…chick living in San Diego who found a passion for all things health and wellness.  I loved reading books and listening to podcasts about eating, exercise, essential oils and all the like. So much so that I wanted to get truly educated in it. Wellness, that is. What does wellness mean exactly? That’s broad AF as far as I’m concerned. I wanted to get down and dirty, into the root of the entire concept of ‘being well.’ We’re not talking ‘woo woo’ and fancy branding wellness products here. To me, being healthy and living well starts with what you put into your body. That’s where nutrition came into play. After investigating a few local colleges and universities I came across Bauman College – I’m so glad I did! I’m so pumped about everything I learned in my classes that I had to share it with all of you.

So here we are. I am in no way an expert. I’m not here on a high horse (or heels) telling you what to eat or how to live your life. This is not a food blog;  I’m not a great cook by any means. If I post a recipe here it will be crazy easy. But the most flavorful, nutrient-dense meals are the simplest, don’t you think? Here you’ll find nutrition facts, trusty resources to learn more about the field, and my favorite restaurants, shops, and things to do in San Diego. You might also want to check out my other site I created with my boo thang, ILoveSanDiego.co, or my Instagram page all about houseplants @plantloversguidesd. Thanks for stopping by!