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2020 Part Two: Even More Plants

By January 5, 2021No Comments
sand and seafoam

While 99% of 2020 consisted of staying home, I did manage to get outside and have some fun while staying safe. Here are a few of my favorite pics from the past few months!

fancy avocado toast

Totally bonkers avocado toast from Oliver Coffea in Hillcrest. I’ve only visited a few times but it’s one of my favorite local businesses to follow on Instagram.

pink and orange flowers

Spent most of the summer creating bouquets!

cute goat in a pen

Lucky that I have easy access to farm animals at my parents house.

easy fancy flatbread

Made A LOT of ‘za last year. Peach + ricotta + corn + arugula is a winning combination. I don’t make my own pizza crust because that seems like way to much effort.

orchid farm san diego

I discovered Andy’s Orchids one night scrolling Instagram and OMGITISINCREDIBLE!!! They have an open house a few times a year. HIGHLY recommend!

holiday smoothie

Still on the smoothie train – I have one almost every day!

book and bougainvillea

Managed to sneak in two days of poolside lounging and reading.

san diego japanese friendship garden

We went to the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park on my birthday.

dog at dog beach san diego

Started a new morning routine last year: it starts with Dog Beach!

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