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2020 Part One: Mostly Plants

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Oh hey! How are you? I took a break from the news and Instagram this week. I would like to say I spent that extra time being productive, but I read a book, wrote a little, and mainlined the old HBO show ‘How to Make It In America.’ That does sound like a lot, doesn’t it? If your brain also needs a short break from…you know, all the things…take a peek at some stuff I thought was picture-worthy from the first few months of the year.

sunset cliffs, san diego

Sunset Cliffs walk on January 1.

Picked up this protea at Thistle in OB. I just found out this flower is also called a Sugarbush?!

Wolfe and I did some exploring downtown because I wanted some photos for an story. This was at The Invigatorium, a coffee shop slash bar.

We drove up to Julian for “research” – i.e. it was an excuse to eat pie. We took Frankie with us since Julian is pretty dog-friendly.

This was a hectic day (it’s a boring story but let’s say there was a lot of car switching), but I did finally visit the extremely cool nursery Barrels & Branches in Encinitas.

A visit to my parents’ house!

Another planty place – Landmark Plant Co. in Oceanside.

I miss the library but I have been having fun re-reading my favorites that have been collecting dust on a shelf. It’s also fun to watch the movie version right after with Wolfe and yell out “THAT’S NOT IN THE BOOK!”

Really went HAM on baking the first few weeks of shelter in place. I’ve made this granola from the One Part Plant cookbook many, many times. Granola is great because you don’t really need to measure, you just dump whatever you want in a bowl and pour in some maple syrup, maybe some coconut oil, and throw it in the oven.

Chia seed pudding + 1/4 tsp spirulina powder. Yes I eat kiwi with the skin on because the skin is HELLA HEALTHY!!!

Frankie has been getting many MANY MANY MANY walks and sometimes I take my phone with me to snap some plant pics. I use the Snapseed app to edit. Here’s the before…

And after.

Frankie mid-yawn is a MOOD.

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